Using The POSSE Publishing Model

I’ve decided to take a page out of Patrick Rhone‘s book and use the POSSE publishing model for my content. This means I’ll be posting content here on my own website first which is then syndicated to the social media platforms I use. This has a few benefits which include control over my own content without relying on third parties, giving readers the freedom of choice in where they go to consume content, and—frankly, this is the most important reason to me—it reduces the headache that comes with deciding which platforms to post content to.

I haven’t properly used Twitter or Facebook for years now. I still hold accounts in both places, but I no longer browse or contribute in any meaningful way on either of those platforms. This will allow me to make use of them again in a way that’s beneficial to me and my own website and content, and completely optional for everyone else.

It also gives me the freedom to post shorter articles, thoughts and ideas, a list of links and whatever else, right here on my website without feeling guilty about not writing a 2,000-word article. I want to post more and contribute more, and this is a way to do that.

The one exception to all of the above is Instagram. I treat Instagram differently to other social media platforms (and there are a few reasons for this, but that’s a blog post for another day), so I’ll still be posting original content there, always in the form of photos I’ve taken myself. So, for example, my main account, @rlfloyd, is a collection of my original street photography, @rhiwrite is for nerding out with stationery, and @zarunai is for anything about video games.

But everything else that is best communicated through words will be posted here first and syndicated elsewhere.


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